Treatment for ant bites

When an ant bites using their mandibles and mouth to pinch human skin, ant bite occurs. The bites may differ from sting, ants sting with their stinger which is the caudal-most part of their bodies. Some species of neither bite or sting, some fire ants inject venom with their stinger by grasping or biting the skin which results in a very painful feeling, and some species of ants spray formic acid. Many people are very allergic to ant bites and the itchiness that result from an ant bite can be very displeasing and unbearable. Even if you are allergic to this, don`t you worry because you will get immediate peace and comfort if you follow some amazing home remedies to cure yourself and your near ones. For more information, you can visit to ehomeremedies.com. From this source you will get some elaborate ideas about how those home remedies work.
Causes of ant bites

When ants feel they are in danger, they tend to attack and fire ants are a great example of this. And venoms refers to a mixture of toxins and irritants imposed by ants and it can have an extremely adverse effect. People with weaker immune systems like the children, sick people or the elderly are heavily affected. If anyone is in a region with lot of ant nests, he or she can easily come in contact with ants and faces the danger of an ant bite or sting.
Signs and symptoms of ant bites

Ant bites are very unpleasant. The pain does not last more than several seconds but still it leads to discomfort and unbearable sometimes. Uncontrollable itchiness occurs from a single sting like sensation and it becomes difficult to deal with the issue. Many people do not know that they can get allergy to something before they get bitten by ants. Local, large local, mild systemic and severe systemic are the four types of allergic reactions to ant bites.
Local reactions are common and the symptoms include redness, swelling, itchiness, redness.
Larger reaction affects the bigger areas of skin and it may last up to two days.
Mild systemic reactions may cause cramps and nausea involving the digestive system.
And finally, severe systemic reactions include chest pain, profuse vomiting, wheezing and hypotension.


Home remedies for and bites

The following home remedies by using kitchen ingredients can be followed to cure ant bites :
Hot water : The use of lukewarm water can be very useful. For this, place the affected area of the skin under the washbasin and start pouring water on it. The itching will get more severe but don`t worry you will feel relief after half an hour. Repeat the process if you think the itch might return, the more you do, the longer relief you will get.

Apple cider vinegar and regular vinegar : Vinegar works greatly in this regard as it has been used for medical purpose for ages. In a glass of warm water, add one table spoon of regular or apple cider vinegar. Let it cool to room temperature and rub gently on the affected area of the skin. For constant relief, do this for several times a day.
Hand Sanitizer : It is better to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer around the house. When you are bitten, put a drop of sanitizer on the irritated spot. Within a few hours, both the itchiness and pain will be relieved.

Lemon and Baking soda :Baking soda is an antacid that relieves itchiness and skin pain by neutralizing the ant venom. It works well with lemon also as the acidity of lemon facilitates a compensatory response of the body. Simply add the baking soda to the juice of one fresh lemon and wait until it starts to fizz. Apply to the irritated area until the bite signs go away, but make sure you do not overdo it for opposite effect.

Olive Oil: We all know that olive oil is such a versatile ingredient useful for many purposes. It works great in this case too. Just massage a bit of olive oil few times a day on the irritated area.

Honey: It is the oldest natural remedies in the world and is extremely beneficial. The process you have to follow is mixing a teaspoon of honey into a glass of hot water and rub it firmly to the irritated area and better wait for the mix to dry on your skin to take the action.
Following these home remedies can bring you a great result as it has always been better than many other medicines. Home remedies has minimum side effects and within very short time, anyone can get better rather than taking other medicines.

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